New Kind of Suspended Animation

Some doctors want to put people into suspended animation. Some people have very bad injuries or diseases. Doctors can't treat these injuries and diseases now. But in the future, they might be able to. Suspended animation is a way to keep people alive for a very long time. It keeps the body very cold, and the person is not awake. Hopefully, it will keep them alive until there is a treatment. Then they will be taken out of suspended animation and treated.
The doctors will try a new kind of suspended animation this month. It will be the first time they have tried it. It will be done at a hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the USA. They are going to try it on ten people who have very bad injuries. Their injuries are so bad that if they don't get treatment, they will die. Suspended animation is the only way to save their lives.
To put the people into suspended animation, the doctors are going to remove all of their blood. Then they will put a special, cold liquid into their bodies. It will cool down their bodies. Then everything in their bodies will slow down. They won't need very much oxygen or food.
Doctor Peter Rhee tested this new kind of suspended animation on pigs. The test went well. 90 percent of the pigs lived, and they had no problems.
They aren't sure if it will work on people yet. But even if it can save only a few people, it will be good.
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