What is a Fist Bump?

Do you shake hands in your country? How about give a high five? Well, now there is one more gesture that is getting popular. It's called the fist bump. To do it, you make a fist with your hand, and another person makes a fist with their hand. Then, you bump your fists together. It's like punching each others' fists.

The fist bump has been a part of American culture for many years. But it recently started to get more popular. This is because a lot of people saw President Obama do a fist bump with his wife on TV. Recently when he visited a restaurant, he did another fist bump with a worker.

But where did the fist bump come from? One idea is that it came from people doing high fives in professional sports. A high five is another gesture, but you hit each others' palms instead. Professional sports players like to do many kinds of high fives. So, the fist bump was just one kind of high five.

Try a fist bump with your friends today!

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